Tuesday, June 25, 2013


HAVE AN OLD OR OUTGROWN BIKE IN YOUR GARAGE? The Burbank Bike Angels are collecting used bikes which they will restore and donate to less fortunate kids in our community.  Last year, the Bike Angels brought smiles to over 200 children in Burbank, the surrounding community, and one very special young man across the country in Rhode Island (pictured above)   Bikes and other tools and components (such as oil, wax, tires, seats, grips, chains bearings, gears, brakes, wheels and helmets) can be donated at the Burbank Recycle Center, 500 S. Flower Street, Burbank (818) 238-3900. 

Below are some photos of past Bike Angels events:

Over 200 kids found a present under the Burbank City Hall Christmas Tree last December.

Bike Angels Christine Torres and Freddy Jojour put the final touches on newly restored pink bikes with purple rims.


These Bike Angels look like they could be future firefighters.

Bike Angel Joe and his son Dylan work together to get this bike ready for a little girl. 

Triumphant restoration of a child-sized GT

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  1. Our garages are filled with old bikes. They would definitely go to great use here!