Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gatto introduces bill to protect businesses from 'shakedown' lawsuits

Assembly Bill 227 would give businesses 14 days to fix Proposition 65 violations, protecting them from so-called "shakedown" lawsuits, proponents say. Above, Le Comptoir in Glendale. (Tim Berger/Staff photographer / February 6, 2013)

Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Silver Lake) introduced a bill Monday to protect businesses from “shakedown” lawsuits that are filed with the intent of extracting settlements to make the litigation go away.
Business owners told Gatto at his Small Business Advisory Commission’s meeting last month that Proposition 65 – which allows the public to sue businesses for up to $2,500 for each day signs aren’t posted about the dangers of chemicals known to cause cancer or birth defects -- is easily abused by lawyers who file claims with the sole purpose of extracting settlements...
...Gatto’s bill, AB 227, would allow a business owner who receives notice of a Prop. 65 violation to avoid retrospective fines by fixing the violation within 14 days, according to a statement released on Tuesday.
“The voters passed Prop. 65 to be protected from chemicals that would hurt them,” Gatto said in his statement. “They did not intend to create a situation where shakedowns of California’s small-business owners would cause them to want to close their doors.”
-- Daniel Siegal, Times Community News
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Mike Gatto is the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee of the California State Assembly.  He represents the cities of Burbank, Glendale, La Canada-Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Atwater Village, and portions of the Hollywood Hills and East Hollywood.

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